RAD Ballet Exams  

Date: tbc

Venue: tbc

Timetable: tbc

ISTD Classical Greek Exams

Date:  tbc

Venue: Brickhill Community Centre  

Timetable: tbc 

Examiner: TBA


Payment can be made directly to:

Sort Code xx xx xx
Account Number xxxxxxxx (contact school for details)
Account Name Sandford School of Dance
Payment Reference The pupil’s name and invoice number

Please note that your child will not be entered for any examinations if their completed form and payment have not been received by the due date.

Examination rules

  • Pupils must arrive an hour before their examination
  • Pupils are responsible for warming up before their exam
  • For tap exams – No tapping outside the exam room
  • Please do not try to peer in through the exam windows
  • Hair must be neat and in an appropriate style for each exam
  • No jewellery at all
  • No nail varnish (fingers or toes)
  • Please do not ring the doorbell (Brickhill Community Centre) as this will interrupt examinations – knock on the window of the small meeting room
  • Pupils should not eat or drink in their exam uniform
  • Remember that other pupils are in their examination whilst you are preparing for yours – please be very quiet

Class Assessments

Sandford School of Dance Class Assessments are available for pupils who do not wish to take an RAD or ISTD examination. Pupils are awarded a Sandford School of Dance certificate and can then progress to the next grade.