Sandford School of Dance pupils

take home Bronze medals for England!

Sandford School of Dance pupils have taken home Bronze medals for their Song & Dance trio, Matchmaker which was choreographed by Amy Hubbard as part of Team England for the Dance World Cup, which was held in Jersey at the end of June.

Team England have won the Dance World Cup 2016 retaining their title for the 4th year in succession. Team England consisted of 740 dancers from across all Counties aged 5-19 years and they competed against 38 Countries in the World including South Africa, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Portugal, Spain and many more.

Dance World Cup is the greatest dance competition in the World for young dancers giving them a unique opportunity to perform in Classical Ballet, Song and Dance, Modern Acro, Modern Jazz, Modern Contemporary, National, and Street Dance classes.

Team England won 68 Gold Medals, 66 Silver Medals and 53 Bronze Medals giving them the highest scores in the competition and winning the Dance World Cup trophy.

Dance World Cup was live streamed so everyone back home could watch the dancers performing.

Chairman of Dance World Cup Mr John Grimshaw said “This is the biggest event we have held each year is gets better and better, dancers across the world are united by their passion for dance”

England Team Manager, Jo Arnett

said “I am delighted with Team

England 2016 and thrilled that

Sandford School of Dance are in Team

England they have been so dedicated,matchmaker II

training for months for this opportunity

and they have excelled at Dance World

Cup. Congratulations to the dancers,

teachers and choreographers for all

their hard work.  England have shown

the World that they can Dance!”


                                                                                                   Photograph by kind permission of Wow